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Visa Process and Requirements

Once you receive the acceptance letter from the college/university, you should apply for the Canadian Student Visa. You will require to have the following documents when applying for the visa:

  1. Evidence of acceptance: if you intend to study in a Canadian institution, you must have a letter of acceptance from the chosen institution. The original letter of acceptance must be attached with your study permit application. 
  2. Evidence of funds: You will have to provide evidence of your funds to verify that you can easily support yourself while staying in Canada.  

Note that you might be asked to submit some additional documents. 

The interviewer may ask you to share other documents during the interview. These documents may involve: 

  • Transcripts, diplomas, degrees, or certificates from institutions you studied at 
  • Scores from tests, such as the IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, Duolingo 
  • Your intent to leave Canada as soon as your course of study ends

Steps for Visa Application: 

You can follow these steps to lodge your visa application: 

Check the processing time: 3-4 weeks might be required for the visa application process. It is recommended to visit the Canadian consulate website to determine the estimated time needed for the student visa process. Note that the time mentioned is just an estimation. 

A student can apply using two different ways. Decide how you will apply. 

  1. Apply online

If you choose to apply online, you must have a valid credit/debit card for payment and a scanner or camera to get electronic copies of your documents for uploading. The Visa Application Center (VAC) might ask the students, especially from the Asian region, to provide a finger scan. 

  1. Apply in person

Download the application form and carefully go through the guidelines mentioned on the form. These guidelines offer helpful information concerning study permits and directions to help you complete your application.  

Deposit the processing fee: Go to “fee schedule” to know about how to pay and the cost of applying for a study permit. Remember that the processing fee paid at this stage is non-refundable in every situation. There are several VACs in different countries, and each VAC will have the system to get biometric information. 

Share your application and supporting documents – As you are required to provide the biometric information, the application cannot be emailed. You can either submit your application online or in-person by visiting the VFS office. Regardless of which way you choose to apply, you will have to visit a VAC to provide your biometric information. 

Medical Test

To apply for a Canadian Student Visa, you have to undergo a necessary medical test. Remember that you cannot choose a doctor by yourself for the purpose of the medical examination. Instead, you need to refer to the Canadian immigration website and select a doctor from the list of panel physician. After the completion of your medical test, the reports will be forwarded to CIC. The test can be conducted either before or after the submission of the visa application. 

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