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Hospitality 23

The hospitality industry accounts for a large part of the Australian economy. In turn, it receives a sizeable investment from the government as well as international corporations, all the while attracting entrepreneurs from all levels. From Bachelor’s in hospitality to a Master’s in Business Administration, Australia offers a wide array of courses across several institutes throughout the country.

These courses have strong ties to the industry and job locations that provide the students with an opportunity to network within the industry, develop key skills and acquire valuable work experience before commencing their professional careers.

Information Technology

Technological innovation and development have brought Information Technology to the forefront of higher education. Therefore, the IT sector has a diverse base encompassing various jobs and career opportunities.

Additionally, international IT graduates in Australia, find it easier to secure employment. This can be attributed to universities providing a better understanding of the core context and relevant technical training and development. Furthermore, by undergoing a Professional Year Program, students find it easier to establish themselves in the industry since they have a better understanding of the industry’s requirements and challenges.

There are several career options available for students after finishing their studies in Computer Science and Information Technology. The most common of them being

  • Programming of Databases,
  • Information Systems or Computing,
  • Mobile Computing,
  • Network Engineering,
  • Software Development,
  • Artificial Intelligence, and

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