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Health Insurance in Canada

Canada is globally renowned for its free of cost healthcare. Though, only Canadian citizens and permanent residents are eligible for most of these services. An international student studying in Canada has to arrange for himself health insurance that’s valid till the duration of their course.  

Different provinces in Canada have different healthcare systems. International students who want to pursue education in Canada must acquaint themselves with the Canadian healthcare system being followed by the province they are going to study in. There are a few Canadian provinces where international students are covered under provincial health insurance plans, although most of the provinces necessitate international students to get healthcare insurance. 

In several provinces where international students are required to get private health insurance plan, the university/college provides them with the healthcare insurance plans themselves. Certain educational institutions necessitate international students to register for their health insurance plans. In contrast, some institutes will enable the international students to choose their health insurance plan themselves only if the student can provide evidence for his private healthcare insurance being taken from another source.  

Whatever the situation is, all Canadian universities/colleges will be acquainted with the health insurance requirements that international students have to fulfil. 

International students who do not have citizenship or permanent residence in Canada will be required to pay for medical services if they do not have private health insurance. There are many immigration schemes where temporary residents need to get a private health insurance plan valid till the duration of their course. Temporary residents have some options in this scenario:

  • They can get in touch with a private insurance company and secure an insurance
  • Those who are doing a job in Canada might get a health insurance plan from their employer 
  • Those who are studying in Canada might have to register for insurance through their educational institution

In case an emergency occurs, the student from all provinces and territories will get free medical services, even if the patient does not have a government health card. 

Healthcare insurance options for International students:

International students can access health care insurance plans through different tools and resources.  

Find Insurance: This is a public service tool where 99% of insurance plans being provided by Canadian life and health insurance organizations are listed. OmbudService for Life & Health Insurance operates this tool. 

OmbudService for Life & Health Insurance (OLHI): This organization offers independent information services to Canadian life and health insurance consumers. This organization also resolves complaints registered by insurance consumers. 

Documents checklist before leaving for Canada

  • Book airline tickets
  • Arrange accommodation in Canada
  • Get travel and health insurance
  • Arrange conveyance from the airport to home in Canada
  • Make sure your luggage isn’t overweight 
  • Clear all paperwork with your home educational institution

Make sure you have a copy of all the documents mentioned below:

  • Passport
  • Airline tickets
  • Travel insurance certificate
  • Letter of Acceptance awarded by the institute you are going to study in
  • Important addresses and phone numbers
  • A bank statement providing evidence of funds
  • Prescriptions for any medication you are carrying
  • Traveller’s cheques – if applicable
  • Medical and immunization history 
  • Academic record and university transcripts

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