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Graduate Skilled Visa (Subclass 476)

Uncover everything about Graduate Skilled Visa

(subclass 476)

The number of students who prefer to study in Australia is increasing at a very fast pace. A great number of students want to secure Australia work permit so they can attain valuable skills and make good money while staying in Australia. Graduate skilled visa (subclass 476) is mainly a work visa for engineers which allows them to live and work in Australia for up to 18 months. Remember, it is a temporary visa and you cannot stay in the country for longer than 18 months. To apply for this visa, the candidate must have completed an engineering degree within the past 2 years from an institute that is accredited by Washington accord. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about Graduate skilled visa.

Eligibility criteria for Graduate Skilled Visa (subclass 476)

Below you can find the eligibility criteria for this visa:

To apply, the student must have completed a degree in engineering. The student must belong to one of the following categories:

  • civil engineering
  • structural engineering
  • chemical engineering
  • environmental engineering
  • electrical and electronics engineering
  • mechanical, production and plant engineering
  • mining and material engineering

To be eligible for Graduate Skilled Visa, the candidate has to be under 31 years of age. You cannot apply if you have ever been the primary holder of Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) visa or a Skilled – Recognized Graduate (subclass 476) visa. To be granted the visa, candidate and his family members (if applicable) have to fulfill the health requirements set by the country. Usually, the candidates applying for a temporary visa have to undergo some medical tests.

When applying for Graduate Skilled Visa, the candidate and his family members (if any) must fulfill the character requirements as set by the government. When applying for the character test, you must share your criminal record (if any). You must provide correct answers to the asked questions and offer all requested information. Note that Australia has really high standards for personal character so if you fail to pass the character test, the country might not grant you another visa.

To be eligible for Graduate Skilled Visa, you need to meet the English language requirement set by the country. There are different language tests that are conducted to measure the English proficiency of the candidates. For IELTS, you need to secure an overall 6.0 bands with no band less than 5.0 in each module. For TOEFL iBT you need to secure minimum 64 marks with at least 4 in listening, 4 in reading, 14 in writing and 14 in speaking. For PTE academic, you must secure minimum 50 marks with no score less than 36 in each module. For Occupational English Test, you must obtain at least B grade in each module. For Cambridge C1 Advanced test, you need to secure minimum 169 marks with no score less than 154 in each module.

To apply for Graduate Skilled Visa, the candidate would require to sign the Australian values statement which is an assurance that you will not break any Australian laws and will respect the Australian lifestyle. Moreover, if you or your family members are indebted to the Australian Government, you have to make sure that you pay the money back before applying for the

90% of the applications are processed in 17 months and 75% of the applications are processed in 14 months. The processing time may be longer if:

  • you fail to fill the application properly
  • you fail to provide all the required documents or provide the ones that are not needed
  • the team needs more time to verify your information

Many students are concerned about whether they can travel when they are on Graduate Skilled Visa. The simple answer to this question would be yes. You can travel outside the country as many times as you want to while holding this visa. However, this must be kept in mind that the time spent outside Australia will not provide you any visa extensions.

Here we will be sharing a step-by-step guide to Graduate Skilled Visa application.

  • At first, you need to collect all the required documents for yourself and your family members (if applies). You will need to provide identity documents, qualification documents, proof of English language, character documents, partner documents (if applies), documents of dependents under 18 (if applies).
  • In the next stage, you have to apply for the visa. You can apply from both inside and outside of Australia. Make sure all the information provided by you is correct and authentic. In case you do not provide the correct information, you might have to face serious consequences. To apply for the visa, you need to make an account on ImmiAcount, provide all the required documents and pay the application fee.
  • Once you complete your visa application, the department will let you know that they have received the application and documents. If the department needs more information, you will be sent an email. Therefore, check your ImmiAccount frequently.
  • At this stage, you will get to know about the results of your visa application. If the embassy grants you the visa, they will provide the following information:
  • your visa grant number
  • the date your visa starts
  • your visa conditions

If you get a refusal, you will be notified why your visa got refused.

When applying for Graduate Skilled Visa, you can add members of the family unit in your application. Make sure that the family members applying for the visa fulfill all the character and health requirements. If you get the visa, your family members are allowed to apply for the visa to stay with you later as subsequent entrants.

Engineering graduates who want Australia work permit must consider applying to Graduate Skilled Visa (subclass 476). This is a work visa for engineers which enables them to work and live in Australia for a period of 18 months. Make sure you meet all the requirements and apply on time. If you want additional information regarding Graduate Skilled Visa (subclass 476), you can contact Australia Education Group. We, at Australia Education Group, offer our clients rigorous services starting from comprehensive career counseling, university selection, course selection, admission guidance, and procedure as per GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant), visa assistance, immigration assistance, scholarships, IELTS, visa interview mock sessions, pre-departure briefing to post-arrival assistance. We assist our clients in making informed decisions concerning their study-abroad journey.