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Extend Your Visa

Besides the friendly locals and warm climate, Australia is also known worldwide for its best education system. A lot of international students migrate to Australia every year for study purpose. When you finally decide to study and stay in Australia, a student visa is for sure the most important thing that you must have. Most of the time, you may need student visa extension for various reasons, for instance, it may be the case that your visa is going to expire but your course isn’t completed yet. Other reasons may include failed subjects, extended research period, absence from college due to any reason like a job, or you want to study more there in Australia etc. DIBP department may also suspend your visa. Being a student, you can’t handle such cases on your own. You must hire the reliable Migration consultant in Australia to provide you the proper assistance in this scenario.

Australia Education Group is here to help you in extending your visa. We are here to provide assistance to all international students regarding their visa issues. We make you available the expert visa services. Our well-trained team having years of experience is a great pride for us, which is helping thousands of international students in getting or extending their Australian study visas. The process of migration and the most important, the visa extension process might seem overwhelming and daunting to you. We are here to ease the things by providing you the efficient and reliable services.

When to apply for visa extension?

If you know timely that you will need visa extension for some reason, it is advisable that you must apply for it 4 Weeks before the expiry of your current visa. When you decide to start the process timely, the things become quite stress-free for you. In case, you haven’t applied on time, don’t need to worry as we are here to make the things trouble free for you. You can rely on Australian Education Group in this scenario.

You can rely on us :

Australia Education Group is the most reliable Education & migration consultant in Australia. We have 4 years of experience, We are able to help you regarding migration in Australia. We can assist you to achieve your goals, making the overall process. Take your time, do a little bit research and you will find us one of the reliable migration consultant Australia / Education consultant Australia.

If you have decided to work with us for a new visa or visa extension, all you need to do is book an initial consultation with us. This meeting will also proffer you the peace of mind that you are going to hire the right migration consultant for you in Australia. During the last four years, we have proved ourselves the right and the most trustworthy migration and education consultant in Australia, education consultant in Perth as well as education consultant in Melbourne. We have successfully processed lots of visa applications so we can process yours too with the utmost accuracy.