Admission Requirements for Australia in year 2021- 2022

Admission Requirements for Australia

Each course and degree level have different admission requirements in Australia. A minimum requirement for the English language has to be met to secure admission to an Australian institution. Moreover, the student must have 60% and above marks in intermediate (for some courses admission can be granted on 55%). Students who fail to meet the academic and English proficiency criteria can apply for foundation and diploma courses.
Remember, these figures are quoted only to give you a rough idea. The actual numbers may vary from university to university.
When applying for the admission, following documents has to be shared:

  • Attested copies of transcripts of intermediate and Bachelor’s degree (if applicable) 
  • Minimum two reference letters written by professors who have taught you (for master degree) 
  • In case of work experience, two letters of recommendation written by your employer who can pass fair judgments on your professional performance, skills, and abilities. 
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Resume
  • Photocopies of score certificates of IELTS/PTE/TOEFL/GMAT
  • Portfolio (if the student is applying for courses like art, design, and architecture)
  • Certificates of your academic and professional achievements (if any)
  • Evidence of bank statement 

Application fee: Some Australian colleges require the student to pay a certain amount (usually 250 UD) in the form of an application fee while applying for admission. The fee that needs to be submitted depends on the college and the course that you are applying for. Hence, find out about the application fee while researching the college and course. 

Steps for admission to an Australian institution:

Consider the following steps while applying for admission:

  • Research on different institutions and courses
  • Shortlist the institutions and courses
  • Pass the entry exam such as, PTE, IELTS, TOEFL 
  • Prepare your SOP and get your Letters of Recommendation written 
  • Apply to the college/university that suits you the best 
  • Get your letter of offer from the university or college
  • Give an interview to the institute that chose you.
  • Pay your tuition fees to the college and get your Confirmation of enrollment
  • Apply for your visa to the department of home affairs Australia.

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